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GPS Tracking Systems

Cylo Tracking Limited provides customers with reliable, real time, cost effective tracking solutions for vehicles, assets and loved ones including children, the elderly and pets

Keep Track of Your
Assets and Loved Ones

At Cylo, customers can purchase plug and play GPS Tracking Solutions for vehicles, wireless solutions that can track assets including vehicles and heavy equipment, personal trackers to assist in keeping in touch with the whereabouts of loved ones and hidden wired vehicle tracking solutions.
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Keep Track of Your
Company Vehicles

Cylo provides hidden Vehicle GPS Tracking Solutions along with Wireless Solutions
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Distributors and Partners

Do you already have a customer base that you want to earn extra income from? Then partner with us to sell either Cylo branded GPS Tracking Solution or your own branded GPS Tracking Solution. Cylo would provide you with a turnkey solution. All you need to do is sell to your customers
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How it works.

Cylo GPS Tracking Solution is easy and intuitive to use. Once the tracking device is installed in your car, asset or give to a user in the case of the personal device, all you need to do is log in with your user name and password to the Cylo Tracking phone app and you would see exactly where the vehicle or person is.


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