GPS Tracking for Personal
Vehicle and Loved Ones

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Always know where your vehicle is

View vehicle location on mobile app for android or apple devices and on computer or tablet, see vehicle speed, location, direction and history for up to 1 year set up alerts for when vehicle enters or exits predefined zones and even view reports on vehicles

Reduce loss of vehicle through theft

Track the speed, direction and location of your vehicle realtime. Retrieves stolen vehicle with an Armed Recovery Team

Better management of vehicle when driven by others

You can monitor your vehicle’s fuel consumption and manage vehicle maintenance schedule

Reduces wastage and inefficiencies through personal use of vehicle

With our wide range of tracking services, take advantage of the best value based on price and our top of the line features along with our superior customer service


General Questions

1How can I make payments for any Cylo Tracking products or services?
Here's all the ways you can make payments:
•By going online here
•By Direct Deposit- to our RBC Bank Account Number 110000003708182
•By cheque - to our office mail box at 40 Carlton Avenue, St James, Port of Spain.
•By Cash, Linx or Credit Card - at our office at 40 Carlton Avenue, St James, Port of Spain.
•By using PayWise- to the account number 22200-900XXXX (900XXXX being the customer account number)

If you're unsure of where to find a PayWise Agent, you can check out the list of PayWIse locations in the link below:
Link here
2How can the Cylo Tracking device location be accessed?
You can locate your device either via your computer, tablet or smartphone web browser at or via the Cylo Tracking mobile app on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
3How far will my Cylo Tracking device track or locate?
As long as there is GSM cellular service area. If the device enters an area without GSM cellular coverage, the GPS feature will not be able to report its current location until it re-enters an area with network coverage.
4Will my Cylo Tracking work anywhere?
Yes – It will work anywhere that you have a GSM cellular signal.
5What is standard warranty?
Twelve months for manufacturer-related problems. This does not include abuse to the device or accidental damage or water damage.
6How often should I replace my Device?
You should not need to replace the unit unless it has been broken or damaged, or you wish to upgrade when a newer unit is available.
7Can anyone track my Cylo Tracking Device?
Your Cylo Tracking Device can only be tracked by logging into the Cylo Tracking Platform or mobile device with your user name and password. You can change your user name and password at any time.

Device Related Questions

1My Cylo Tracking does not charge, what do I do?
The device may take a while to get its initial charge, just keep the device plugged in for a couple of hours or overnight.
2Can I activate a Cylo Tracking Device for someone else?
Yes. You can activate a Cylo Tracking Device for someone else using his Cylo Tracking account credentials. However, if you are registering a new device under a new Cylo Tracking account, you must have access to the email account used to click the confirmation link.
3How long does the SOS button need to be pressed in order to send an SOS alert signal?
The SOS button needs to be pressed and held for 4 seconds to activate an alert. This helps prevent false SOS alerts.
4How do I know the battery level on my device is low?
The battery status of your Cylo Tracking device can be viewed on the web portal and mobile App.
5My Device does not connect. What do I do?
Please contact customer support to assist.