To LogIn enter your email address and password.


Password: 12345678

After logging in, you will be redirected to the Cylo Tracking Platform main page. This page allows access to the most common tracking features and settings, monitor object position on map and get detailed information such as speed, address, coordinates, history and more.


You can easily change your language by clicking flag at the top right corner.






Navigation panel


Objects tab - view and manage all


Events tab - history of events and

     alerts/notifications can be viewed

     speeding, low battery alert, etc.)


3   History tab - view detailed history for

     each gps device, graphs, data log





My Account



In membership window you can review your subscription plan, devices limit, expiration date and your account email.


Change password

To change your password, click change password and you will be redirected to the new form where you can change your password.


Log out

Click log out to exit from the Cylo Tracking Platform



Feel free to try our free DEMO to Familiarize with the tracking software at anytime .





  • What Computer Browser can I use?

    The following browsers are supported:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+

    Google Chrome version 31.0+

    Apple Safari 5.1.7+

    Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2+

    Opera 17.0+

  • How do I log into the Cylo Tracking site and view my device location?

    Go to Click the login button and enter your E-mail and Password details.

  • What Smartphones have a Cylo Tracking Mobile App?

    There is a Cylo Tracking Mobile App for the iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • How can I change my password on the Cylo Tracking Site?

    On the website select “Change password” and fill in your new selected Password.

  • How do I change the email address associated with my device?

    Contact customer support and ask for assistance in changing the email.

  • How long will the Cylo Tracking site hold my history? How far back can I see?

    The system currently saves the device history for 60 days.

  • If I cancel my service, will I be able to go back and look at my history and reports?

    No, you will not be able to continue viewing your tracking data history.

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